szynka-wiejska-wedzonaSmoked Rural Ham

Smoked products made ​​from whole muscle pork ham. It is one of the culinary treasures of the Company. Prepared according to traditional Polish recipe of our grandparents. Aged for several days in a traditional brine consisting of natural spices. Smoked a few hours with warm wood smoke from beech trees and alders . Traditional smoking gives our ham exceptionally intense aroma and unique flavor.



Smoked Sopocka Sausage

Precious pieces of pork loin, marinated and smoked according to traditional Polish recipe. Meat obtained for the production of the best Polish carcasses. Smoked meat is crumbly and soft, has a delicate flavor that will delight even a very demanding customer.






baleron-wedzonySmoked gammon

Pork neck marinated , smoked according to traditional Polish recipe. Tender and soft texture makes the taste of smoked meat delicious and unique. Looks great served on oak board with horseradish, mustard and beer.







Smoked Bacon without ribs

Smoked pork , made from the best quality Polish carcasses . It is smoked with alder – beech smoke which gives our product an aromatic and unique taste.






szynka-platka-z-tluPłatek Ham with Greese

Ham, which is the basis of this product is made from the most precious muscle back pork ham. Ham is in the coating of fat is subjected to aging in an appropriate marinade spiced with natural spices. Ham covered with greese in the outer layer causes the meat be very aromatic and an additional layer of fat (about 1 cm ) results in a unique taste of traditional Polish composition, unique among other smoked meats. Specialty of this kind is unique decoration of Polish tables, and the taste is amazing.


szynka-pieczona-na-ogniuHam Baked on Fire

A ham, which perfectly reflects the taste of remarkably composed composition of spices. Formed from whole muscles of pork ham. It has a delicate and unique aroma.



pieczen-palacowaPalace Roast

The secret of the product is properly selected poultry and pork meat seasoned with carefully composed spices. It ideally brings out the flavor note.




bekon-tradycyjny-wedzonyTraditional Smoked Bacon

Combination of excellent pork and bacon. The set of herbs and selected manufacturing process gives the sausage a unique flavor and aroma.




rolada-boczkowa-tradycyjnaTraditional Bacon Roll

Exquisite roulade of pork bacon. Formed in the classic grid. Smoked in a traditional smokehouse for gold - brown color. A unique blend of herbs and spices make it taste very surprisingly and exceptionally.




szynka-domowaHam with spices

Production of this ham is based on the recipe used by butchers a few decades ago . One leg muscle excised from pig covered with a layer of about 1 cm of fat is subjected to many hours of marinating in an appropriate saline solution and the herb composition. Smoking takes place in smokehouses that are natural hard wood –fired at high temperature, the layer of fat is in the process of melting and absorbing it by the meat . Therefore, the taste of the ham is so quaint and unique in its kind.

szynka-czosnkowaHam with Garlic

Ham with a delicate layer of fat subjected to aging in spice seasoning. It is juicy and aromatic, which will satisfy many palaces. Flakes of fried garlic give the product an uniqueness.



szynka-wolowaBeef ham

Made from beef leg. Accordingly, marinated and smoked according to the recipes of the masters . Its flavor is strong, but balanced, distinctive, but not dominant. Unique smoked, the taste will delight everyone.




szynka-z-indykaTurkey Ham

Extremely fragile and delicate smoked ham made ​​from carefully selected fillets of turkey. A suitable composition of natural spices gives it a subtle flavor that you remember for a long time.



Loin of Highland Barrel

The carefully selected pork loin is subjected to aging in an aromatic marinade in oak barrel. Smoked dark - cherry red color has a unique taste and aroma.



szynka-z-goralskiej-beczkiHam of Highland Barrel

Ham is made from the most precious muscle of pork ham, which is subjected to aging in properly spiced marinade in oak barrel. Smoking is an art of making the ham cherry-brown.





karczek-goralskiej-beczkiPork of Highland Barrel

Carefully selected spices according to traditional Polish recipe and unique taste of Polish pork give it a unique character, and an additional carrier of taste is a little bit of greese. Aging in oak barrel and a unique way of smoking makes it a wonderful treat for a festive table and all feasts.



szynka-szlachecka-platekPłatek Manor Ham

Ham is prepared on the basis of old Polish recipe, a raw material used of the highest quality. Aged a few days in a special brine with natural spices, the ham obtains a specific aroma and taste after smoking a traditional smokehouse fired with beech and alder tree only. It has become a specialty of the highest quality at our company.

zeberka-wedzoneSmoked Ribs

Smoked over a natural fireplace, beech - alder wood. Perfectly seasoned, can be served as a finished dish or addition to traditional Polish dishes such as : stew.




golonka-pieczona-z-liszekRoasted pork knuckle of Liszki

Small, pork shanks smoked a dark brown color are excellent, yet very decorative appetizer.




szynka-z-lisykiemHam with a Leaf

Made from a single muscle of lean pork ham. Marinated and smoked according to traditional Polish recipe. Hand tied with string and decorated with bay leaf which gives it a unique look and unique taste.



sopocka-z-listkiemSopocka smoked loin with Leaf

Traditional Polish smoked pork loin. Various natural spices that were carefully selected, and above all, bay leaf giving the sausage the original flavor.




szynka-bkRural Smoked Ham no bone

Ham is produced from the lower and upper muscle chop with skin. Properly shaped, is marinated in pickle-salt solution with suitable spices. It is smoked in smokehouses fired with natural beech and alder wood, and then steamed. The produced ham has a unique flavor and the right consistency . The product resembles a ham produced by manufacturers many years ago, and now enjoys great popularity among the followers of such meats.


szynka-z-kRural Smoked Ham with bone

Indispensable element of a rural table, ideal for banquets. It's beautiful, fragrant and delicious, and most importantly makes a big impression on the guests. Smoked in the traditional smokehouse, to enrich its bouquet only natural spices are used.