Lisiecka Sausage


Lisiecka sausage is a product of carefully selected pieces of ham and loin. A special technique of smoking gives it a shiny, dark brown color. It is characterized by excellent flavor and smell. It is dominated by the taste of spiced pork with gentle hint of pepper, garlic aroma and saltiness. The smell is characteristic for pure pork sausage.




Proof of origin

Sausage Lisiecka has been registered by the European Commission as a protected geographical indication, which means that the name can only be used when marking  sausage that meets the requirements of the producing specification and which is produced in the municipal area of Czernichow and Liszki, district of Kraków, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland.

Products whose names have been entered in the register of protected designations and protected geographical indication are systematically IHARS checked, which guarantees that the product is of the highest quality and has been certified, which is a guarantee of originality of lisiecka sausage.


Kielbasa-Wiejska-z-galaretkaCountry sausage with jelly from Nowa Wieś Szlachecka


The country sausage with jelly from Nowa Wieś Szlachecka is one of many company’s specialties. The sausage is made of meat from freshly slaughtered animal, after cooling and separating elements. The basis for the production of sausage is mainly shoulder, neck and fragments of ham and some beef.
The sausage is distinguished by a unique taste and smell and a characteristic jelly gathering in folds of rings.
The recipe is based on a local, multi-generational production technology resulting from the long butcher traditions.
This product owns its uniqueness to the traditional recipe and the high quality.

 Proof of origin:

“Country sausage with jelly from Nowa Wieś Szlachecka” was entered on the List of Traditional Products kept by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and marked with the character: Traditional Product from Malopolska. This mark applies only to traditional products, which quality or unique characteristics and properties are related to the origin of the geographical area of the Malopolskie Voivodeship.

Rural Sausage


It is absolutely Polish sausage, traditional kneaded with an average crushed pieces of pork and beef. Smoked and then roasted in a traditional smokehouse smoke at high temperature obtained from a beech tree or alder in natural intestine. The suitable recipe used for generations and the use of natural spices gives the value ​​of traditional cured meat, smoked village-like sausage.


kie-wiep-cielPork and veal sausage


Kneaded by the closely guarded recipe is of a perfect, delicate flavor. Made with lean pork and veal with natural spices. Smoked with alder - beech wood smoke giving it a golden color and a deal of tradition. A product delighting many a delicate palates.


kiewiejskaextraRural Extra Sausage


This product is a speciality of the Department, its recipe was based on the tradition of making the sausage by butchers of several generations, who passed on their skills and experience to the members of the family. Sausage is characterized by a unique aroma, and an added bonus is the jelly contained in the bends of the shackles of sausage, which means that the flavor of this product is unique. Of course, for the manufacture of the finished product a selected meat from pig carcasses and spices is used.






kietradycyjnaschabTraditional Pork Chops Sausage


It is produced with the old regional recipes from carefully selected meat from the loin. Salt with a small addition of curing salt is the only preservative. The slate is a natural casing slightly wrinkled, dark brown in color, not very flexible, smoked with two kinds of wood, which gives it unparalleled flavor and aroma.


kiedrobiowaPoultry Sausage

Excellent sausage kneaded with the best quality fillets of turkey, seasoned with a unique blend of natural spices. A special traditional Polish technique of smoking gives it a beautiful and brilliant color and excellent flavor and taste. It is an excellent choice for customers who are on a diet.




Dębicka Sausage

The sausage made ​​from carefully selected pieces of lean pork. Carefully selected natural spices and their specific composition are to obtain the precious smell and sublime taste. Sausage is not smoked, but brewed at a sufficiently high temperature, which is about an original product for people who cannot consume products smoked in a wood-fired smokehouses.



krakowska-podsuszanaKrakow slightly dried Sausage

Sausage made ​​with legitimate pieces of pork ham and stuffing of pork. Smoked, and then specifically slightly dried in a smokehouse which makes it stay fresh for a long term. The aroma and taste of the traditional Cracow sausage was preserved through the use of appropriately selected natural spices.

Krakowska-SuchaDried Krakowska Sausage

Richly seasoned sausage made of the best pieces of pork and beef meat. After gentle smoking, it is subjected to the process of drying. The unique taste and aroma!




kiedworskatr"Płatek" Ham

Traditional, old Polish sausage, made ​​from carefully selected coarsely chopped pieces of lean pork meat. Properly selected spices give it a unique, noble aroma and flavor. Recommended especially for making delicious sandwiches that will delight everyone.


kielmalopolskaMalopolska Sausag

The meat used in the manufacture of the sausage must be of the highest quality with a small amount of natural spices used in a suitable formulation. This sausage has its many supporters of sophisticated palates who remember the taste of sausage Malopolska many years.
We are able to meet the tastes of gourmets of the sausage.









kieltradycyjnaOrdinary Sausage

Traditional, made ​​with medium chopped-up pieces of pork and beef. Perfect for Spring grilling. Carefully selected spices give it its unique taste and fresh ground pepper adds a hint of spiciness.




kieglogowskaGłogowska Sausage

Pork sausage, average crumbled. The unique composition of natural spices gives it a unique flavor and aroma. It tastes great both cold and hot.



kielslaskatradycyjnaSilesian sausage

Pork sausage, smoked in a traditional smokehouse, which gives it a dark golden hue. Natural spices give it its great taste, it further gains in values when served hot.





Kielbasa-MysliwakaMysliwska Sausage

The sausage prepared from high quality pork and beef meat. It is richly seasoned with a domination of pepper, garlic and juniper. Smoked in traditional beech and alder wood-fired smokehouses.





Kielbasa-Zlocista-z-LiszekGolden Sausage from Liszki

The sausage produced from average chopped-up pieces of pork meat. It is ideal for grilling. Fantastically seasoned. Great taste.



Kielbasa-Palacowa-z-FiletemPalace Sausage with Fillet

The sausage made of properly selected poultry and pork meat. It is characterized by an incredibly delicate and subtle taste and aroma.



kiegolaskakruchaGóralska Crumbly Sausage

The ingredients used in the manufacture of the sausage is pork of high quality and selected natural spices that give the sausage a proper taste and smell, at the same time are the reason of tenderness of the product.




kabanos-z-liszekKabanos of Liszki

It is produced by the old regional recipes. Long smoked in a smokehouse, only wood -fired thereby achieving a beautiful, dark brown color. It is a really great taste. Its slate is a natural sheep intestine. Is very flexible, breaks with a characteristic bang. Made without preservatives, so the more matured, the tastier it gets.



kielz-liszek-wedzSmoked sausages of Liszek

The old regional recipes characterizing the , uniqueness,. Therefore, to obtain a product with such properties we have produced sausages that satisfy this condition.
Selection of appropriate high quality pork, natural spices and the production process gave such excellent results.


kabanos-wiep-cielPork – Veal Kabanos

For the production of this type of meat, as the name suggests, we use pork and veal of 1st  category.
Carefully selected natural spices and the way of smoking in smoke of beech - alder wood make the sausage fragrant, crispy and perfectly dried.
Long-term aging of the sausage does not change the quality, taste and appearance of this excellent and very tasty product.