Rural Bowel

Made according to the recipe, which is the secret of the company. This product has become one of the trademarks of the company, because the gourmets of our bowel are throughout the country, and even beyond the borders of our country.
The availability of fresh ingredients of the product coming daily from the slaughterhouse and composition of natural spices make it so excellent .



Pasztetowa-TradycyjnaTraditional Liverwurst

Offal sausage with uncured pork and liver.  Steamed in a natural casing. Properly selected spices and proportions of ingredients give it an amazing and unforgettable taste of homemade pie.



pasztet-domowy-platekHomemade “Płatek” Pâté

Offal sausage of pork and liver. The use of appropriate spices, and especially the proportions of the ingredients and spices provide a unique taste and aroma of this pie. In contrast, baking in special furnaces gives it a great texture and color.



Pasztet-z-kurczakaChicken Pâté

An exquisite pâté prepared from poultry meat supplemented with dried cranberry fruits. It delights the taste and aroma. The pâté has an exquisite and delicate taste.





salceson-z-liszekBrawn of Liszek

The manufacturing process involves cooking brawn legitimate pieces of pork, knuckle of pork and pork skins . The resulting broth is flavored with garlic and other spices appropriately selected binders all components. This product is an excellent choice for customers looking for the original flavor of traditional meats.  Excellent flavor and texture are appropriate for the exceptional quality of the finished product.